Presidential Candidate
"Average" guys walk onto NFL try-outs every year and every 

year some of them make the team. They are called "Free Agents".

 Well, I guess I am the Free Agent (3rd Party) for the Presidential team. I no longer believe in the 

Democrat/Republican system of politics that has railroaded this Country into division and 


The "other" 3rd party, the Libertarian party, is completely ineffective.

The Constitution Party, however, is THE largest growing 3rd Party in America.

I believe that America is... not a Washington clique, but is in reality, each and every 

hard-working citizen all across these United States.

The bureaucrats in Washington, DC not only do not know what we go through to support our families, 

but I don't believe they even care.

It is time for a new Party, a Free Agent Constitution Party! It's time for 

honest, hard-working Americans to take back the power that the Constitution 

bestows on them AND we NEED a President who understands America and not 


I am about to step onto that field, hard and fast, and I'm not 

stepping off until time runs out or God Himself pulls me off.

MY name is 


and I would love to be YOUR President! 

In 2016, I have a plan that I would love to put into place and turn this Country back 

to the GREATNESS she once had and deserved.